bands in bathrooms: a photo project

Bands in Bathrooms grew out of a curiosity to create. I'd only met Tim a few hours prior, but when he told me he was going to go shave before the show began, I felt captivated to photograph it. And he was open to letting me in. So as weird as that sounds, we ended up alone in a bathroom. 

I know it sounds so strange, but I never feel as close to an artist as I do when we are in a bathroom together - our photos feel vulnerable, emotional, and extremely personal. They trust me to capture them in this private space. A space where they end up alone with their thoughts, easing anxiety before hitting the stage, and decompressing from the day. It's raw and it's real life.

Bands in Bathrooms is a project fueled purely by my love of art. I hope to continue to make photographs in bathrooms for as long as you'll let me.

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